2016 Ox Cart Days Medallion has been found!

Around 5:45 p.m. Thursday, Crookston High School sophomores Lukas Meier and Shaun Nelson found the 2016 Ox Cart Days Medallion, which they said was on the ground near the Lions Picnic Shelter in Highland Park, sort of in the grass by some concrete.
If their names sound familiar, it's because Meier and Nelson found the 2015 Medallion, too.
The hunt this year is sponsored by the Crookston Daily Times and University of Minnesota Crookston Office of Admissions.
Meier and Nelson won a UMC prize basket, a free, three-month subscription to the Crookston Daily Times, and $200 cash.

Michelle Christopherson (UMC Admissions), Lucas Meier and Shaun Nelson (Picture and story by Mike Christopherson of the Crookston Daily Times)



The first clue to help searchers locate the special Ox Cart Medallion, hidden somewhere in Crookston, will be Wednesday, August 17, at 4:45 at the UMC Ice Cream Social as well as on the radio via KROX Radio and www.kroxam.com and in print from the Crookston Daily Times. Each day KROX Radio/www.kroxam.com and the Crookston Daily Times will publish a new clue at 2:00 PM until it is found.
Searchers are asked to follow these guidelines in the Medallion Hunt:
1) The special Ox Cart Medallion is engraved, clearly indicating it is the official 2016 Medallion. Searchers will know when they’ve found the real thing!
2) The Medallion will be hidden above ground, so no digging is required. In other words, you won’t find it buried in your neighbor’s back yard.
3) Searchers should read and listen carefully for the clues as given through the local media. Please do not call KROX or the Crookston Times, as they do not know where the medallion is hidden.
4) When the Medallion is found, take it to the Crookston Daily Times office (or call the Times at 281-2730 or after hours call 280-0771)
 for the $200 cash prize, a one year subscription to the Crookston Times, and a UMC gift basket.
5) Be respectful of the places you are searching, whether around businesses, neighborhoods, or parks – please avoid trampling flowers and shrubs.
6) Think creatively and have fun as you look for the 2015 Ox Cart Medallion!


Clues will be posted and read at 2:00 PM each day

1. Wednesday - Pokémon and his friends have been found. You'll have to find the medallion somewhere in town. 
2. Thursday -  Crookston has many clubs and organizations, find the right one to join and you might find the medallion's location.
3. Friday -
4. Saturday - 
5. Sunday -



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