To get something on the Lost and Found list - email or call 281-1140.


LOST 7/5/16
A small male brown and black King Charley Yorkie mix dog with a short tail wandered away from his home 8 miles northwest of Red Lake Falls. He answers to Jasper. If you’ve seen this dog, please call 684-1483 or 253-2312. 

FOUND 7/5/16
A female black dog with white stripe on her chest, with an injured front right leg was found 3 miles east and 1 ¼ mile north of Crookston. If this is your dog, call 289-6843.

LOST 7/3/16
Set of keys for Toyota.   Call 281-4179

FOUND 7/1/16
A ring was found at Wesley United Methodist Church on Thursday after the luncheon.  If you were at the luncheon and lost your ring, call 702-232-9149.

LOST 6/30/16
A brown wallet on Riverside Avenue. If found please call 289-1022

FOUND 6/28/16
A female grey and white older dog wearing a pink collar with paws on it was found at 111 Newton in Crookston. If this sounds like your dog, you can call 289-5660.

FOUND 6/26/16
A black lab was found in Huot Park in Crookston. Appears to be between the ages of 1 and 2 years old. Is large and seems friendly, was spotted running with a gold lab that had a shock collar. If the black lab belongs to you please call 218-253-2205

FOUND 6/22/16
A black wallet on 3rd Street East in Crookston.  Claim it by identifying it at KROX

LOST 6/14/16
Samsung Galaxy Alpha cell phone. Pink case. If found, PLEASE contact 701-739-7628

LOST 6/9/16
Siberian Husky. Samson is 8years old, male, crystal eyes, blue birth mark on tongue. Wandered from his home 6 miles East of Crookston. May not have his red collar on him, very gentle dog, up to date on all shots. Please call Connie (218)289-0189 or Chris (218)280-5615 if you have any details

FOUND 6/8/16
Small male Creamy white dog found in Euclid Mn. If yours call 218-281-7225

FOUND 6/8/16
Large Female golden lab with collar was found running loose in Winger. If yours call 218-281-7225

LOST 6/6/16
Two 10 month-old female Golden Retrievers, no tags or collars, missing in the Fertile/Winger area; a reward is being offered. 218-945-3407 or 218-280-7666

FOUND 6/4/16
A male Husky German Sheppard mix was found Saturday Morning by the Crookston VFW. The dog has a black and white face with a black body and white paws. The dog has a black collar with both a Crookston pet clinic tag and a Crookston rabies tag. There also appears to be a growth on the dog's right side. Call 218-277-0158 to claim.

FOUND 5/17/16
A DeWalt power drill was found Tuesday Morning on South Ash. Call to identify and claim. 218-289-0713

LOST 5/16/16
Lost wallet at RiverView hospital, blue turquoise with an owl on it, lost Monday, May 16th. Reward for return with all the money in it. Contact 218-277-9147

FOUND 5/1/16
A black dog has been seen in Euclid, it has a silver chain and brown eyes

LOST 4/29/16
A plain silver chain with a broken latch.  Was lost somewhere between Highland School along Central Avenue to the old court house to the police station.  The chain was once the owners dad's (who died from cancer a couple years ago) so it would mean a lot to get it back.  If found, call 281-9933.

FOUND 4/15/16
An insulin kit was found on the road near the Altru Clinic in Red Lake Falls. Stop in or call 253-4343 to claim.

FOUND 3/28/16
A pudgy brown dog was found on 5th Avenue South in Crookston. If this is your dog, call 281-4087.

LOST  3/20/16
Stuffed animal white Tiger. Large head, blue threaded eyes, white tummy, lost somewhere between Barrette St and Evergreen Park, Crookston. Very precious to 18 month boy. 218-255-0866

LOST  3/11/16
A big orange male cat wondered away from his home in the Woods Addition. If you’ve seen this cat please call 289-4886.

FOUND 3/03/16
Found 2 dogs one is white dog with black ears and the other is tan no collars half mile east of Angus county road 23 if yours please call 218-745-5912.

FOUND 2/29/16
White with some black male terrier with orange collar no tag found on the northeast end of Crookston call 281-3885 ask for Kristie if yours.  

FOUND 2/16/16

A brown, black and orange cat was found on Eickhof Blvd.  If this is your cat, it has been taken to the Polk County Humane Society.

FOUND 2/15/16
2 gallon gas jug north of Fertile along 102. Call 289-1964

FOUND 2/4/16
Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 on Hwy 2 just east of Crookston. If this is your drone call 218-280-2290.  

LOST 1/27/16
Siberian husky has been lost since January 19,2016. She is a red husky, very friendly, has green eyes, she is kind of white in the tummy and bottom of her tail area, and she is 1 years old and around 100 pounds. Her name is Rose and she was last seen in the Euclid area. If you find her please call me at 218-289-2118

A two wheeled hand cart was found on Hwy 75 near UMC, call to identify. 218-277-9558

LOST 1/11/16
Fish house heater in a green wooden  box by the outlet on Maple Lake on Saturday If found please call 218-289-1806 or 218-253-2109 if no answer leave message.

LOST 1/7/16
Three dogs have been lost since Thursday, January 7 and were last seen by the dike/river area behind the Crookston Police Station.  A small black lab mix (looks like a mini bear) named Indy.  A medium sized black lab mix with a brown face and paws, and a large lab/shepherd mix.  If you have seen these three dogs please call 701-317-0118.

LOST 1/6/16
Lost wallet either on the sidewalk or street in front of Widmans candy shop in downtown Crookston or the UMC campus. If found please call 701-740-2127

LOST 1/4/16
Black wallet on Monday evening in Crookston.  Please call (218) 289-5840 if found.

LOST 12/28/15
Lost iPhone 6 plus. Black and grey case. If Found please call 289-1607

FOUND 12/20/15
Found dog short haired medium size with pink collar heading towards the shanty. For more info call 218-280-6237 

LOST 12/20/15
Lost Cell phone. Samsung Galaxy note2 white. Lost in woods edition. No case. If found please call 281-281-1138

FOUND 12/16/15

One snowboard at Central Park.  Please call 218-280-6304 and identify..

LOST 12/16/15
Two 7 Month old Siberian huskies puppies ran away northeast of Gentilly Wednesday. If you seen have one or both please call or text 686-5115.

FOUND 12/14/15

A single key with remote, a Wilson Tag and a key with a pull out knife was found in the side parking lot by True Value in Crookston. If this sounds like yours, you can pick it up at the KROX Radio Studio at 208 South Main in Crookston.

LOST 11/27/15
Solitaire diamond necklace on silver chain. Lost in the Crookston area. Family item would appreciate it if it was returned. If found call 218-280-1738

FOUND 11/15/15
Off-white furry dog wearing a Gonvick rabies tag, found about 4 miles north of Fertile. 218-791-9510.

FOUND 11/10/15
White with gray tail cat about 5-6 months found at Oakdale cemetery no visible collar  call Chris 218-289-0092 if this is your cat. 

LOST 11/2/15
Stihl chainsaw, somewhere between Crookston and Fertile. If found please call 289 5001

FOUND 11/1/15
Long haired calico cat found over by Johnson place. White and black and rust colored spots no visible collar. If yours pleas call 218-281-6381

FOUND 10/31/15
Found one left shoe. At the 500 block of Riverside. Black and orange shoe laces size 3. If yours call 218-289-0891

FOUND 10/30/15
Two dogs were found running loose, south of Crookston along Highway 75, late Thursday, early Friday and brought to the Humane Society.  One is a large black lab cross (male) and the other is a Husky, German Shepherd cross (female with blue eyes).  You may contact the Humane Society of Polk County at 218-281-7225.

FOUND 10/14/15
A seat cushion and another trim part probably from a pontoon , white in color, were found along hwy 2 west of Erskine. Contact MnDot at Erskine truck station 687-2833.

FOUND 10/7/15
A dark colored cat with pale blue eyes was found near Highland School. If this sounds like your cat call 281-4491

FOUND 9/30/15
Gray and White male cat with no collar. found at the 400 block of Washington. Call 218-275-3741 if yours.

FOUND 9/30/15
Garage door opener found out side VFW claim if yours at the Crookston VFW.

FOUND 9/28/15
Mastercard was found near the Crookston VFW Hall. Mountain Background issued by the First Interstate Bank. If yours call KROX.

FOUND 9/10/15
An LG cell phone near the Broadway Apartments in Crookston, identify and claim it at KROX.

FOUND 9/10/15
A boy's Roadmaster bicycle. Found at 310 Marshall Ave. NE in Red Lake Falls. If yours, call 253-2639 and describe it.

FOUND 9/3/15
A set of keys were found at the Polk County Museum in Crookston. It’s a key for a jeep that is attached to the remote plus 2 other keys.

Call 281-1038 if these are your keys.

LOST 8/26/15
Black Columbia fleece jacket left at Schuster park tennis courts in Crookston.  Please call 218-281-4242

FOUND 8/26/2015
2 dogs south of American Crystal Beet plant. One looks like a gray German shorthair with a collar but no tags and one smaller shaggy black dog without a collar or tags. Call 218-280-5567

LOST 8/24/15
A male Golden/Chesapeake cross dog, about 80 pounds, and  answers to Lucky got spooked during a thunderstorm and ran away. He was last seen on the Pmbina Trail Highway near the Red Lake County line north of Dorothy. If you’ve seen this dog, please call 218-686-5496.

LOST 8/24/15
During the wind this past weekend - "WELCOME" flag with plastic protector from flag pole.  Please return to 1300 Walsh St

FOUND 8/17/2015
2 yellow extension cords were found south of Crookston on County Road 14. If these are yours, you can pick them up at Titan Machinery in Crookston.

A bike was left on the sidewalk in front of KROX. If this is your bike you can claim it by identifying it at the KROX Studios on South Main in Crookston.

LOST 8/11/15
A Siamese looking cat, tan with dark markings and blue eyes.  Last seen in the Sampson’s addition about a week ago.  Her name is Phoebe.  Please call or text if you have seen her.  We really miss her.  280-3309

LOST 8/10/15
A male Siamese kitten.  Cream colored with brown markings and blue eyes, last seen by Summit and Alexander Street. 
Answers to "Kato' or Ted.  Please call with ANY info 701-318-5216 or 218-280-5539.

LOST 8/9/2015
Lost a cross that came off of a necklace; silver in color.

It was lost in the area of the Crookston Armory or the McDonald’s parking lot.

If found please call 280-8654.

FOUND 8/4/2015
Young Brown and Black very friendly German Sheppard no tags or collar. Found 5 miles north on 75 and 1.25 miles east on 252 of Crookston. If this is you dog call 218-281-3719.

FOUND 8/3/2015
Male Black and Tan German Sheppard with a silver choker collar found 2 miles East of County Road 19 near Euclid. It is not contained at the residence. If this is your dog call 218-289-7508.  

LOST 7/30/2015

A gold bracelet with diamonds and an inscription on the inside.

If found please call 218-289-4151

LOST 7/25/2015
Lost 8 years old Brown Shih Tzu  answers to king. Lost in the Gently area.  Has tags but possibly has the vets number on it. If found please call 218-280-6860 Ask for Dan.

FOUND 7/10/2015
A Winnipeg Jets hat. Navy baseball style. Was found at Highland Complex. To pick up, visit KROX.  

LOST 7/17/2015

10 year old female Black and Tan German Shepherd 10 miles northwest of Crookston.  Please call 281-5907

LOST 7/14/2015
Small tackle box left near the river by the floating dock in Central Park.  Call 218-280-6304

LOST 7/12/2015
Older black lab dog. Ran away during the storm on Sunday night in the Dorothy area. Call 218-253-2394

FOUND 7/10/2015
A brown lab dog with a blue collar is running around on Campbell Road in Crookston.

LOST 7/9/2015
A remote control for a hearing aid was lost somewhere in Crookston. If found, please call 281-1126

LOST 7/6/2015
Diamond engagement ring in the Wal-Mart parking lot or Store. LARGE reward , please call 218-280-5897.


FOUND 7/6/2015
2 black dogs with brown collars one is a Springer/spaniel mix one is a black lab. They were found 6 miles east of County road 19 in Euclid. If these are your dogs call 281-1032

LOST 7/4/2015
Female black and tan beagle. Has tags on but the tags have the wrong number on them. Will respond to the name Molly. She is friendly but doesn't listen well. If found call 945-6821   

LOST 6/30/2015
Male tiger striped cat with 1 white tipped ear. Last seen by patty and pauls gas station.Call/text with any information.  218-280-2952


LOST 6/29/2015
Brown wallet with photo ID, debit cards, gift cards; will reward if found. Call 218-289-2804

LOST 6/29/2015
Lost red and white NIKE draw sting backpack in side there is a ID and car keys lost on 6/28/2015 in Mentor rumbas pizza. If found 218-289-6843 or 218-289-0022

LOST 6/28/2015
A red cell phone wallet with I.D. and debit card.

If found, please call 289-0701

FOUND 6/23/2015
A Samsung Galaxy Tab was found on the road at the junction of Highway 32 and Polk County 211, north of Fertile, MN. Call 218-289-2398

FOUND 6/19/2015
A pair of girl's eye glasses with black frames were found on the Washington School Playground on Friday, claim them in the office.

LOST 6/18/2015
Galaxy s5 phone, last seen inside Drafts around 7pm on 6-18-15. Call 281-6291 if found

LOST 6/18/2015
Pomeranian last seen Monday morning 7 miles outside of Red Lake Falls. He is white, about 10 to 15 pounds and his name is Simon. His hair is short from a recent haircut. If found, call April at 218-637-0307 with any info.

FOUND 6/7/2015
A Daschund and Rottweiler mix with a blue collar and shock collar was found on North Front Street and Johnson Place.  If this is your dog call 218-280-0232.

LOST 6/1/15
Dolomite 26" bicycle wheel with disc brake rotor and kenoa tire. Was accidentally left in the grass on the edge of Catholic cathedral grounds.
Any info, please call Tim at (218) 521-0489

LOST 5/26/15
Set of car keys in downtown area, possibly by M & H.  Chevy keys, autostart fob, Lego decoration and Petco card.  If found please call (218) 289-5840.

FOUND 5/21/15
A small tan and white Terrier cross was found in the Carman Terrace area on Thursday morning, May 21.  If this is your dog or you have information, please contact the Humane Society at 281-7225.

FOUND 5/21/15
A small Dachshund cross was outside of Fisher on Thursday  morning, May 21.  If this is your dog or you have information, please contact the Humane Society at 281-7225.

FOUND 5/20/15
A Black Lab cross was found on Highway 2 near Mallory on Wednesday, May 20.  If this is your dog or you have information, please contact the Humane Society at 281-7225.

FOUND 4/29/15
Found garage door opener in the cross-walk of the intersection of Main Street and West Robert. If yours claim by call to KROX

FOUND 4/27/15
Golden retriever. Found northwest of Euclid. Call 218-289-0523 if yours. 

LOST 4/27/15
Lost cell phone. It was lost near the U-Haul and Napa. If found please call 218-686-5020

LOST 4/25/15
A brown Cockapoo with a tuxedo chest and a pink collar.  Was last seen on Thursday afternoon five miles south of Warren by County Road 15.  If found, call 218-242-6022.

LOST 4/24/15
A black, longer haired Newfoundland dog went missing last night (4/23). His name is Zeus, he is wearing a camouflage collar with an orange ring hanging off of it. Was last seen on County Rd 1 (Plummer, RLF). Went missing on that road about six miles out of Red Lake Falls. Call 218-253-2305 if found.

LOST 4/20/15
A Beagle ran off this morning in the Carmen Addition.  The dog doesn't have a collar or tags.  Call 289-6787.

LOST 4/10/15
A set of keys with a National Guard key chain and two keys.  A truck and locker key.  Call 289-7947.

FOUND 4/7/15
New Jersey Nets stocking cap. Gray/black. Found a few miles outside of Crookston on Highway 2. If yours, call 281-1872

LOST 4/7/15
Lime green bike helmet. If found, call 281-1872

LOST 3/17/15
A silver-colored ring with a floral setting, possibly at the downtown AT&T or Hugo’s.  If anyone finds it, please call 289-2485 or 281-5728. It has sentimental value.

LOST 3/15/15
A Black wallet with silver/glittery dots all over was lost near Wal-Mart/Dollar Tree 3-15. ID with the name "Carrie"  is in it. if found PLEASE call 218-521-0916

LOST 3/11/15
A hitch for a portable fish house with a mounted milk create. Between Crookston and Climax  If found please call Jake at 218-289-5446..


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